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As a natural extension the KissOZ modem was further developed to a tracker, and now there is a working code running on the modem platform, that is, the platform does not need to have the MX614. The audio output is generated by the MCU, this is ofcourse old news, but we have tried to make sure the sine waves are perfrectly shaped and with equal apmlitudes. There has been taken special care to avoid 'jumps' in phase when switching between 1200 Hz and 2200 Hz.
IMG_2911_web  kissozmodem

The KissOZ tracker features 3 types of beaconning 1 fixed timing and 2 smart beaconing. The first smart beacon system, which we have not seen anywhere else is based on fixed distance as opposed to many others that operate in time with a combination of speed, having to set low speed and high speed plus some time intervals. We do also support this 'old' type of smart beaconning. The great advantage of distance beaconing, is that it is very easy to imagine at which rate a beacon is sent out, as it is combined with a max. and a min. time interval (like the speed type).
For a normal car a distance of 800 meters with a minimum interval of 60 seconds is quite sufficient, and the maximum interval of 120 seconds secures some beaconning as long as you are travelling at a speed of more than the preset Stop Speed, which deternines when you have stopped, and the tracker should switch to slow time fixed beaconning, default preset is 20 minutes.

All parameters can be set by the user, by simple means of using a terminal software (f.ex. putty.exe) on a serial port or usb... no need for a special software, it can be done from any computer.
The tracker uses MicE compression which both improves position accruacy and short airtime, which both helps against congestion and improves reliability, beacuse the shorter the message, the more likely it is to come uninterrupted to the digi, igate or friends receiver. KissOZ tracer also has parameters the ease entering your preferred QRV frequency including tone/split and narrow/wide band. All this with altitude, speed and course which is alst standard when using the MicE compression.
Loading software is done using a freeware software, by loading a single file which will be available onlie here.

Below is a dump of the parameter setting output, you may think it's alot! But it we have entered several fast setup commands to help users make a know setup to start on, again all parameters can be altered after using the speed setup, so you loose nothing, it's just a little bit easier :)

Track Walk
Track Bike
Track Boat
Track SailBoat
Track Baloon
Track Car
Track AirPlane

Enjoy fast and easy setup, with most parameters set right :)

KissOZ / TrackOZ version: 0.20 Oct 27 2011 20:05:11

Default mode on reset is: KissOz Tracker
Tx delay                 180mS
MX614 RX in use          0
MX614 TX in use          0
MX614 equalizer enabled  1
CPU Decoder (RX) enabled 1
CalRxBias                0
CPU Encoder (TX) enabled 1
PLL chip is enabled      0

Beacon Conf:
Smart Beacon configuration    : 1
Fixed Time interval      S-0  : 120 Seconds
Distance  interval       S-1  : 800 meters
Low Speed  limit         S-2  : 4 Km/H
High Speed limit         S-2  : 70 Km/H
Stopped Speed limit      S-1+2: 4 Km/H
Maximum Time interval    S-1+2: 120 Seconds
Minimum Time interval    S-1+2: 60 Seconds
Slow Time interval       S-1+2: 1200 Seconds
Turn Angle trigger level S-1+2: 15 Degrees
Turn Time                S-1+2: 5 Seconds
Tx Battery status        all  : 0
Tx disable Battery low   all  : 0
Voltage low limit        all  : 265 mV
Tx Status interval 0-10  all  : 1/6
Tx QRV frequency         all  : 1
Tx QRV frequency Split   all  : 1
Tx QRV frequency Tone    all  : 1
QRV frequency            all  : 434.600
QRV frequency Narrow     all  : 0
QRV freq split -990/+990 all  : -200
QRV freq tone   000/251  all  : 82
MicE message 0-7         all  : Off Duty

Track Conf:
Callsign                           : MyCALL
SSID extension                     : 12
Track IconTable Normal:1 / Alt:0   : 1
Track symbol character             : j
Track symbol Overlay               : /
WIDE1-1 enabled or disabled        : 1
Number of hops                     : 3, WIDE2-2
Beacon comment                     : KissOZ.dk
Beacon status                      : MicE Tracker test
GPS baud rate                      : 4800

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