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Building you own Digipeater and/or iGate made easy by Kissoz.dk

This Digipeater/iGate is using a Raspberry PI, it can be almost any model, as long as it is compatible with our KissOZ HW V4rpi RPI addon board.

The kissoz.dk addon board is a KissOZ HW V4rpi without the GPS module mounted. If the GPS module is mounted the RPI can also sever as a stratum time server - but thats out of scope here.

To build you digi/iGate you will need:

  1. Raspberry PI w. power supply
  2. SD-card, preferably 4GB
  3. Linux image (we have made that easy)
  4. KissOZ HW V4rpi
  5. a suitable radio
  6. power supply for the radio, a 12V to USB can serve as power supply for the RPI

Normally the hard part is to get the Raspberry PI up and running doing what you want. If you have never dealt with Linux before there are of course a little bit of learning. KissOZ.dk has taken a standard Raspbian image (jessie-lite) from the Raspberry foundation and added all that is needed to make the digipeater/iGate run - in fact when you start the Raspberry with our image for the first time it will start the APRX Digipeater/iGate program. There are only a few things that you must do:

  1. Change the default password from raspberry to something else
  2. edit the APRX configuration ( /etc/aprx.conf ) with your callsign and passcode
  3. Enter your Digipeater/iGates geografic location.

Thats all!

You can of course tailor the APRX configuration even more (alot more) - if/when you get familiar with Linux you can have a sw provide the text in your digi's beacons.

Here is the details about how we tailored the image:


The image is supplied on request for two reasons, one is that when using this image the RPI will connect to the aprs2.net servers, secondly the bandwith requirement will rise when robots start to mirror the´package.