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Help command

The help command can be executed fom any console you connect to, the command will only show commands loaded on the current console.

Help           : This command, lists all available commands.
tty            : Show or change tty baudrate.
rif            : Display and control radio interface configuration.
info           : Display firmware version and build information.
systime        : Display system time.
reset          : Reset application (cold start).
$GPGGA         : Input NMEA $GPGGA message.
$GPRMC         : Input NMEA $GPRMC message.
$GPVTG         : Input NMEA $GPVTG message.
gpsp           : Display current GPS data information.
bootlock       : Lock to bootloader at next reset.
vcc            : Display VCC voltage.
vbat           : Display Vbat voltage.
3v3            : Display 3v3 voltage.
temp           : Display CPU temperature.
demodc         : Display correlator tables.
rxhexdump      : Display and control rxhexdump output.
monitor        : Display and control kiss monitor output.
sine           : Display and control DAC sine wave output.
txtune         : Tx output calibration and test.
txhexdump      : Display and control txhexdump output.
modem          : Display and set modem configuration.
kiss           : Activate KISS protocol on current interface.
mod            : Display and configure modulation type.
trkconfig      : Display and set Tracker mode.