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The load app command is used to upload new firmware to the modem/tracker.

Only available from bootloader!

Upload of new firmware can be done remotely, no need for HW reset or power cycle.

Upload is started with 'load app' and the unit will send  a 'C' every second until timeout or start of transfer.

Transfer can be aborted by pressing <ESC>.



Upload via hyperterm:

reset the unit - either by command reset or power cycle.

at prompt type:

TTY Boot> load app

then send file (binary) xmodem (the KissOZ support both 128 and 1K blocks)



first upload the binary to your linux platform (wget/scp/ftp ...)

use screen and sx:

# for device ttyS1 which may vary by connection and linux flavor

user@host:~# screen /dev/ttyS1 115200

TTY Boot> load app


:exec !! sx KissozV4_KissOZHW4.bin

Example display from a screen over ssh:

T1> reset
Resetting target

TTY bootloader shell
KissOZboot Version 0.75


TTY Boot> load app
CCCSending KissozV4_KissOZHW4.bin, 969 blocks: Give your local XMODEM receive command now.
Bytes Sent: 124160 BPS:6058

Transfer complete