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The modem command is used to control modem settings. The settings are used to control the modem own ID and traffic status output, and to where the output is sent.

When KISS output is enabled a string is sent directly to the aprs-is server if the modem is connected to aprs-is:

OZ4DIQ-2>KISSOZ,TCPIP*,qAC,T2DENMARK:> KissOZv4.0 0.92 Traffic: 174 of 208 in 10 min.

the same string can be selected to be sent to rf.

The interval between status messages can be selected from 10 to 1440 minutes.


modem help
   Modem configuration
   modem [call|ssid|txInterval|statsToRf|statsToServer|conf|save] [value]
     call          : [N0CALL]
     ssid          : [0-15]
     txInterval    : [10-1440]
     statsToRf     : [0/1]
     statsToServer : [0/1]
     conf          : Show current configuration

     save          : save configuration into nvflash